Perf designs beautiful workplace interiors

Perf cultivates company culture & maximizes everyday work experiences

Perf ensures your company attracts the best talent

Perf works with you to make it happen

was founded in 2016 by Megan Leet.

Megan has designed award winning office interiors.

Deeply involved with NYC start-ups, for over 8 years as Tumblr's head of office experience & culture, Megan has hosted hundreds of events, fundraisers, and meetups in spaces designed to feel great and function seamlessly.

Perf provides a uniquely integrated service, designing beautifully high functioning spaces that make office operations hum. From sourcing the best furniture & vendors, to growing your company from 3 to 300, Perf crafts awesome workplace experiences for any size budget to help your company acheive its goals..

Hire for your office or home.